Associazione Gran Premio Italiano Mongolfieristico

Ralph Shaw

General Organizer

Born in London, son of an English father and italian mother, relocated to Italy at the age of 27 and resident in Todi since 1982. Obtained fixed wing commercial pilot’s licence, multi-engine and Instrument rating in the USA but devoted most of his time to hot-air ballooning in Umbria with his hot air balloon company Mongolfiera Management now known as AGPIM. Firmly believes that Todi is the perfect location to stage europe’s leading ballooning event has now decided to dedicate his time in making this conviction a reality!!

Ralph’s Responsabilities:   General organisation.


Because of the desire to improve the event the organisation has selected its very experienced collaborators to cover various responsabilities regarding the sourcing of balloon teams from their relevant countries to participate in the event.

Pierre Clergeau - France

“I pilot a hot air balloon in 2005, and I led the whole family in the adventure. I participated in the Coupe D’Europe to the direction of flight as an observer, measurement team and the weather. Since 2009, I sponsored balloon flight with our “Pulsat”. I attended many meetings in France, and also in Portugal and Italy. I participate in the organization of a meeting bringing together 45 Hot Air Balloons and Cloudhoppers “La Montgolfiade Thouars” every 1st weekend of September.” Jean-Pierre Clergeau.

Guido Gebauer - Germany

Involved in ballooning since 1991.
First as a crew member in Dominik Haggeney’s team for many years.
The highlight at that time as a crew member was the participation in the World Championships 1997 in Saga/Japan.
Balloon pilot since 1997 Participation in competitions as a pilot from 1999 to 2003.
Flights in Europe, Japan and Kenya (Masai Mara) 10 times participation in this most relaxed Balloon meeting in Todi/Sagrantino

We would be honoured to offer the opportunity to fellow balloonists from eastern european countries, and other, to collaborate with the organisation as representatives of their chosen countries. Please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible: