2024 Affiliated Accommodations

Relaxation at it's best

Relaxation at it’s best

Il Cavaliere

Double Room & Bathroom: €55.00 per person per night
Single Room & Bathroom: €65.00 per person per night
Triple Room & Bathroom: €50.00 per person per night
Apartment for 2 persons: €55.00 per person per night
Apartment for 3-4 persons: €50.00 per person per night
Breakfast included

Agriturismo La Casella

Single Room with bathroom: € 75.00  per night
Double-Room with bathroom: € 100.00  per night
Triple-Room with bathroom: € 130.00 per night
Apartment: €47.00 per person per night

La Ghirlanda

Double Room CLASSIC & Bathroom: €180.00 per night
Double Room DELUXE & Bathroom: €195.00 per night
FAMILY ROOM: €255.00 per night
Junior Suite : €205.00 per night
Suite: €220.00 per night
Typical cottage up to 6 persons: €2200,00 per week + €110.00 cleaning fee

Villa Profidia

Single Room with bathroom: €90.00
Double Room with bathroom: €120.00
Triple Room with bathroom: €150.00

Accomodations_0002_Agriturismo Perseo
Agriturismo Perseo

Apartment: € 45.00 per person

Agriturismo Camiano Piccolo

Single Room with bathroom: € 120.00 per night
Double-Room with bathroom: € 140.00  per night
Triple-Room with bathroom: € 170.00 per night
Apartment: € 260.00 per night

Agriturismo San Felice

Double room with bathroom: € 90.00 per night
Single Room with bathroom:   € 85.00 per night
Triple Room with Bathroom:  € 125.00 per night

Apartment for 2 persons:  € 60.00  per person
Apartment for 3 persons:  € 50.00 per person
Apartment 4 persons:  € 45.00 per person
Supplement for additional bed: €20.00

Accomodations_0003_Castello di Barattano
Castello di Barattano
Accomodations_0000_Residenza del Marchese
Residenza del Marchese

Apartment (Minimum 2 persons): €48.00 per person
Single use in double Room€67.00 per night

Villa dei pini
Villa dei Pini

Double Room with bathroom:  €110.00

Single Room with bathroom:      €80.00

Triple  Room  with Bathroom:  €150.00

Air conditioning in 20 rooms

Grand Relais Laurenti

Single Room with bathroom: €110.00
Double Room with bathroom: €160.00
Triple Room with bathroom: €190.00

Agriturismo Santangelo
Agriturismo Sant’Angelo

Apartment max. 4 persons:  €240.00

Important Notice

Useful web-sites to consult if looking for other accommodations in the Sagrantino area.

Please click here on the name of town of your interest:

Gualdo Cattaneo Montefalco Bevagna Giano dell’Umbria Trevi Collazzone

All affiliated accommodations  as illustrated in this section have swimming pools etc. and are of a high level which is also reflected in their prices. We would like to remind all balloon teams that cheaper accommodations in the area are available and  easily  found on  internet and there is no problem with the organisation should any team prefer to stay in accommodations other those shown above… In this eventuality however we will have to ask an Entry Fee but dependant on the duration of the reservation and number of team members this may well be advantageous for these teams.

If an “Affiliated Accommodation” on our website has been chosen please remember to book your accommodation reservation DIRECT with them and ABSOLUTELY NOT with an online booking agency having the same accommodation illustrated on their website.