Sagrantino Cup 2015

Terre del Sagrantino / Parco Acquarossa (Italy) | July 2015

For the past 27 years Ralph Shaw has been the sole organizer of the Italian International Balloon Grand Prix held every year in the nearby town of Todi  during which time has gained the reputation of being the ONLY REAL international ballooning event in Italy with a high number of participating balloons arriving from all over the world: Eastern and Western Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

“Night glows around the Rome Colloseum

During this period , and within the various events, the organization have organized 7  magnificent night glows around the Rome Colloseum all of which resulting in a enormous success. Keep updated by consulting our”Latest News” page should we decide to stage once again the Rome Night Glow during this year’s 2016 event!!

After very careful consideration it was decided to relocate the  event from Todi to

the Sagrantino area for 2 very basic reasons :

  • The Sagrantino area offered our present superb launch –site facility (Parco Acquarossa)  whilst remaining in a beautiful flying area with excellent nearby accommodation most important in consideration that our flights are conducted  early morning!!
  • As a consequence of the very favorable worldwide  reputation that our Todi meet had acquired during all these past years the decision was made to relocate in order that the event was permitted to “grow”* and improve in order to overcome the limitations Todi has,  and had, regarding logistics.

* In terms of ONLY  increasing the number of  participants because the event has always been, and always will,  be held in a very   relaxed atmosphere without pressure placed on anyone.

Winner Sagrantino Cup 2015

Winner Sagrantino Cup 2015

Igor Miklousic Croatia